How much does it cost about one food tours in paris


This article looks at the cost of a food tours in Paris, the Capital of France. France is well known for it's high quality fresh food, and where better than to learn about food than Paris, the capital of France, Food and Culture?

Food Tours In Paris.

A gastronomic weekend in Paris

For 99 Euros per person you can get a comprehensive food tour of Paris, including a picnic meal, which can be booked online, you can book as a single person or as a small group. There are weekly food tours, so you can book in advance if you know when you will be free or you can book as a spur of the moment decision. The food tour fee includes your picnic meal and wine.

What does the tour include.

The tour will take you round a selected area of Paris, and lasts for three hours, during which you will be introduced to high quality French and local artisan foods and drinks. You will be in a small groups, ensuring that your instructors will be able to answer questions and offer advice and insight. The tour ends with a delicious picnic, made up of local foods of course and served with both white and red wines. A real french style picnic. You can be assured that for your 99 Euros you will get an unforgettable experience of inside views of food and Paris, a fun and informative taste of culture and fare that you will ever forget.


Paris is the best place in the world to learn about food. And what better way than to learn from highly rated experts, on a tour of parts of the city? Don't wait, book now for your paris food tour experience! Book online or make contact through the site with any questions.